We serve a limited number of manufacturers to deliver factory-level product depth, mindshare, and responsiveness to our customers and principals.


We have years of experience in Telecom, Military, Data Center, and Utility markets as well as Medical, Test, Manufacturing, and Scientific OEMs and End Users.


We work from C-suite to staff to communicate, present and deliver the value of our products through perspicacity, alacrity, and integrity.



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Waveguide Assemblies
Build to print

Assemblies for radar, medical and satcom markets, from simple to complex using standard waveguide, thin wall, half height, double-ridged, flexi or flex-twist. 100MHz to 50GHz.

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Electronic Loads
1KW to 5kW

Up to 600 Volts DC and up to 800 amperes per module. Constant E, I, P, I/E, E/I. Air Cooled. Local, Remote Analog Control and USB Standard with optional GPIB and Ethernet.

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Signal Conditioning
Airborne or Lab

Robust, flight qualified Airborne Charge Amplifiers, Differential Charge Amplifiers, In-Line Charge Converters, Constant Current Power Supplies and ICP Compliant.

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Hot Swappable Power Systems
Low Profile and High Power

Rugged, N+1 redundant systems from 1U up to full rack designs with distribution and control. Fan or convection cooled, keyed for reliable field replacement.

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Custom Power Assemblies
Application specific shelves and racks

Built to order or stocked for fast delivery from standard or modified power modules. Available options include sliders, breakers, low voltage disconnects, battery, and control systems.

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Linear Precision Power Supplies
Ultra quiet, fast, and stable

Linear power supplies, unipolar or bipolar transitioning between source and sink, capable of driving highly inductive or capacitive loads.

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Energy Storage Systems
Lithium battery systems

Precise monitoring and charge control down to the cell level. Ideal VRLA replacement. Integrated battery balancing to increase longevity. 24, 36 and 48VDC

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High Voltage
Up to 2kV

Fast and ultra low noise linear programmable systems, 40W and 200W. Local or digitally controlled via GPIB.

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High Power
Up to 15kW

Bipolar to 1kW and unipolar systems from 5kW to 15kW. Rack or benchtop. Local, analog or digital programmable.


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Microwave Filters
Satcom, Radar and Medical

Waveguide, Combline, Interdigital and Cavity structures. From 100MHz to 50GHz. Fast delivery from stock and custom models. No NRE on standard designs.

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Precision Waveguide Components
Diplexers, Combiners & Couplers

Full complement including OMTs and magic tees, couplers, straights, bends, twists, feed horns, coaxial and waveguide transitions and more, specializing in challenging specifications.

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Rotary Joints
S and X band

Designed for rugged marine, airborne and airport surface movement applications. Single and Multi-channel.

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Force Balance Accelerometers
Inclinometers & Accelerometers

Ultra low noise, radiation resistant, and robust for industrial, military and commercial avionics, rail, and engine monitoring. Precise DC and near-DC measurements in demanding shock and wide band vibration environments.

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Military and Industrial

Designed for High temperature applications where maximum life under adverse conditions is required. Corrosion resistant stainless steel housing provides contains magnetic flux and protects against external magnetic fields.

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Strain Sensors
Aerospace and Structural Monitoring

Foil strain gauges, thermally compensated, constructed in a robust housing. Fully military flight qualified and FAA DO-160 qualified.

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Thermal Interface Material
High Performance bond film

Extremely robust, highly thermally conductive thermoplastic polyimide adhesive ideal for radiation resisance, extreme CTE mismatches and high temperatures.

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AC/DC and DC/DC Power Supplies
Up to 3kW

Open frame or enclosed. UL, CE, RoHS compliant. Remotely programmable to 0V output. Linear, switch mode, and ferroresonant models.

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Lithium Battery Packs
Custom Turnkey Solutions

Li-Ion chemistries selected to meet application specific goals with integrated smart battery management. Turnkey ODM and certification, specializing in robotic and UAV applications.

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Medical Grade Power Supplies
Up to 1200W

Single or dual output, open frame or enclosed. IEC60601. Remote programming options and available fully isolated plastic cases.

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Medical Grade Batteries
FDA Class 2 certified

UL/IEC/UN safety guideline compliant. Standard and custom models. Produced in UL-certified factories.

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Plug Compatible Replacements
Built in USA

Replace legacy power supplies with reliable and efficient units while preserving or improving packaging, mounting, cabling and communication.

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Piezoelectric Accelerometers
Reliable and Rugged

Wide range of configurations and specifications: high performance, high accuracy, high temperature, seismic event, 4-20mA output, airborne, miniature size and general purpose.

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Capacitor Charge Power Supplies
From 500W to 6kW

Designed for the exacting requirements of medical, aesthetic, and industrial pulsed energy systems. Modular design and highly efficient, high reliability, and quick delivery. IEC 60601-1 and EN55011 approved.

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Fiber Optic Pressure Seals
Up to 25 fibers per housing

Designed to provide a safe, convenient, reliable method of exiting fiber optic data lines through a structure while preserving the integrity of either a pressure or vacuum environment.


We represent these manufacturers in New England. Please contact us with your application.

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A1 Microwave
ITAR free UK manufacturing

A1 Microwave is a leading designer and manufacturer of filters, diplexers, power combiners, couplers and adaptors for satcom, telecom, radar, medical and scientific markets. In house CNC machining, turning, brazing, soldering and bending facilities, and proprietary design and simulation software means quickly moving from simulation to manufacturing without prototyping.

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CAGE Code 85604

Kepco designs and manufactures modular and instrument power supplies, specializing in digital and analog-controlled fast-programmable, 4-quadrant, linear and switch-mode a-c to d-c converters. Kepco provides solutions to your most challenging power supply requirements.

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CAGE Code 07571

Leading manufacturer of aerospace, military and industrial sensors. Force balance inertial-grade accelerometers & inclinometers, piezoelectric accelerometers, vibration/temperature transmitter, dynamic pressure sensors, strain gage aircraft mainframe fatigue sensors, precision LVDTs, signal conditioning instruments and fiber optic sensors.

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Designed in California

Lithium Power, Inc. offers turn-key lithium battery pack solutionsfrom design, pilot, certification and volume production for OEMs/ODMs that meet unique requirements of cost, performance, reliability, energy efficiency, longevity, light-weight design and mission critical applications.

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FT’s patented thermoplastic-polyimide (TPI) technology allows the robust bonding of a wide range of electronic-packaging layers with mismatched Coefficients of Thermal Expansion, including: semiconductors, ceramics, metals and plastics.